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I created a graphic with the ratings (Weekly Nielsen Ratings) / share and other with million viewers of "House" and I don't find some data of the 1st and 2nd season. Anyone knows where I can find them?

Title of episodes


Data Ratings/Share

Source date

For 1st and some date about 2nd season: zap2it (thanks a lot to Chisciotte1)

for 2nd and 3rd season and "pilot": Marykir on HOW and TWOP (many many thanks!)

for 4th and 5th season: pifeedback.com/eve/

and many Thanks to my Friends m_vitto and Carla78 (Gianky) from cottoncandy.forumfree.net/



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Mar. 21st, 2009 03:34 pm (UTC)
This is really highly interesting, and once more proof that Huddy and the new ducklings are by far not as popular as the respective fans of either seem to think... Thank you!
Mar. 21st, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
now we know that these feelings are not only our hallucinations
Mar. 24th, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
as a huddy fan I feel I can answer... in my opinion is not a matter of Huddy is a matter of who's gonna take House's place. I mean...everyone knows my hate against Cameron but...when she was in the team, in my opinion, things were equally distributed. There was a screen on Cameron, one on Chase, one on Foreman, one on Cuddy and one on Wilson, all these among the multiple screens on House. Now is a screen on 13 (and we got lucky the last two episode!) and sometimes you can pass to someone else, who's generally Foreman because his in her neighbour. I think I've to say thanks for Cuddy and Rachel time.
But more than characters House's losing the medical side and tending to soap opera!! Absurd!
Mar. 24th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
n my opinion is not a matter of Huddy is a matter of who's gonna take House's place
It is a matter of Huddy because of the focus on that one ship. I don't say it's the main cause for the dropping ratings, but one of the reasons. The biggest problem is what I've been criticizing for a while now: the imbalance on the show. In the first seasons there was a balance regarding screen time for the characters, ships and medical cases. Some episodes were tending towards Huddy and others towards H/Cam, others were with a slight focus on House and Wilson or Chase and Cameron - to sum it up: there was a balance, little moments for every ship. Main focus was on the medical side, which is one major point why I like this show so much, the interesting cases. And it's also what the show was supposed to be about.
I don't need full-blown H/Cam on the show, as long as there are some of these little shipper moments we all like so much (you the Huddy moments, me and my fellow H/Cam fans the H/Cam moments etc.).
But nowadays the cases are rather boring, we (i.e. H/Cam shippers) get NOTHING while there's a total focus on Huddy and boring Boreteen. And to make things worse not even 30 seconds of Cameron (my favorite character besides House!) per episode.
I blame the ridiculous focus on ships for the development to a soap opera, I wouldn't even like that if it was my ship, let alone a ship I never understood no matter how much I tried to understand it (I like the Huddy friendship but no more than that). I hope they'll find that balance again, otherwise I'm afraid that might be the end of the show in the not so long run :-( (which I'm really scared of because I love this show, I've watched it ever since the first episode!)
Mar. 24th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
ok your comment is well proposed, but with Boreteen I'm still laughing...ahah...

well I guess at this point is not a thing to go on, we all know you think something I think another thing. I'm glad we had Huddy moments, like that. But I miss the old. As well as, and vitto for example know, I never thought hameron existed in both senses but only in Cam's one.
I see your point and yes I agree. I don't like the focus on ship, or at least if you want to focus on ships then you've to be equal and do for all. As well as Boreteen and Huddy than HAS to be also for Chameron. I don't like Cameron, but I hated most that she was put away like this. Isn't Jennifer Morrison displayed on the theme video? Then I PRETEND to see her.
I pretend to see the way she changed, she made herself up. I absolutely pretend this. As well as for Chase. Considering we've been punished with Foreman.
The new team. I like Taub and Kutner together, I'm shipping them so much, but the whole new team to me it's indifferent. 13 it's just hate. I don't want another first season Cam with so many problems. Everyone's problem in the world. She's not the first woman dying, she won't be the last. Other people don't bore us.
I think now it's the time for Huddy, I'm thinking Shore's not able to do again the whole ships together. If you see when there was Stacy, no others counted. Now it's Huddy, because of Rachel, because of the kiss, because of the whole things (and I'm hoping they'll get up soon cause I'm waiting it's 5 seasons and I'm tired!) but then? Others?... We lost Wilson...where was he till now? Lost? Post-Amber and stop?
House's becoming a soap opera. Hugh's just more handsome than others...
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